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Komen identity, global link to komen.org home
Primary global navigation
Continuous access to all site content categories. Categories are determined by Komen "business" activities (education, events & announcements, research, fundraising and advocacy) and their audiences. About Komen doesn't represent a specific category, but provides history and context for all activities. In an effort to encourage visitors to move across categories the previous version of Komen.org contained multiple links to pages in other sections sprinkled within each category. Going forward, a more systematic approach will be taken with "Related Links" widgets and other cross-section, lateral navigation methods.
Message Boards
All, Message Boards members
Web app
Message Boards link is distinct from category links, as it takes visitors to a web application that requires its own Sign In/Registration. There is an established base of visitors to this area, many of whom may not use other areas of the site. A long term goal is greater integration with relevant content in all of Komen.org and single sign-on through My Komen.
My Komen*
Web app
Proposed: My Komen will be an area on Komen.org where individuals can create a My Komen Profile and access personalized information based on their multiple relationships with Komen, including newsletter subscriptions, donations, Promise Shop purchases, event registration and more. *Release TBD
Site Search
Web app
Used to access any or all levels of content throughout the site based on content attribute(s) rather than content category or hierarchy.
Site Utilities
Various departments
Text links: Help & FAQs | Contact Us | Site Map | En Español. Site resources, not specific to a content category but relevant to multiple areas of the site or its functionality. The exception here is En Español, which will need to be treated differently in a future release.
Secondary banner*
Communications, Brand Marketing
Link to featured area related to a specific promotion or activity. *Only displays on home page, program rotation TBD.
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In The News
People looking for news & updates about Komen and about breast cancer research discoveries and events
Komen News comes from Communications and Breast Cancer News is a feed from Cancer Consultants service.
Quick links to latest news stories and Komen announcements, including groundbreaking research, new treatments and clinical trials, Affiliate news and events and Komen for the Cure intiatives.
People who want to be on our mailing list to receive Komen publications
Communications and Convio (3rd party vendor)
Quick way to subscribe to Komen publications. Email addresses collected through subscriptions are used for a variety of other purposes.
Signature Events
People looking for the dates & info about the Race or the Breast Cancer 3-Day

Communications, Development, Affiliate Services, Race

Quick links to our 2 most well-known events - Thehe Race for the Cure and The Breast Cancer 3-Day. Although these items can also be found in the Events section of News & Events, they have proven to be so heavily requested (see web stats) that quick access to them from the home page is essential.
Primary banner*
Communications, Cause Related Marketing, Brand Marketing, Affiliate Services, Development
Link to featured area, often tied to a specific promotion or spotlight. *Rich media tool in development
Promise statement & DONATE NOW call to action
Development, Gift Management
The juxtaposition of the Promise Statement and the DONATE NOW button presents a clear call to action ("Your donation will help us keep this promise.") and provides a shortcut to the Donations area.
Who we are
All, new visitors in particular
Quick links to specific content areas related to Komen's history, mission/promise, operations & financial records, scope & reach of activities and people, including leadership, affiliate network, activist/survivor community, partnerships and advisors, internships and employment opportunities.
What we do
All, especially people who are looking for activities and events
Communications, Brand Marketing, Grants, Affiliate Services, Public Policy
Quick links to specific content areas related to Komen activities, including our portfolio of research programs, our events, including Race & partner events, public policiy initiatives and health care advocacy and activism. All the ways in which we translate our promise into action
Helping you
Patients, survivors, co-survivors and people looking for information, community & support
Communications, Brand Marketing, Education
Quick links to specific content areas related to getting support through information about breast health and breast cancer, online community, affiliate network and helpline, recommended resources for patients, survivors and co-survivors and materials for health professionals and educators.
Helping us
People looking for ways to give their time and /or money to help Komen end breast cancer
Communications, Brand Marketing, Cause Related Marketing, Development, Public Policy, Merchandise
Quick links to specific content areas related to ways to giving support by donating financially, either directly or by shopping in our Marketplace or participating in partner programs, or by donating time and effort through volunteering or taking political action.
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Communications, Legal
Required links to legal information pertaining to komen.org: Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Linking Agreement, Helpline phone number and link, Komen copyright mark